Exhibtion and other links:

Michael Stubbs, Liverpool Hope University

Michael Stubbs, studioshowflow, Crownlands Studio

Michael Stubbs, Three Paintings, Palfrey Space

Michael Stubbs, Small Scale Works, Glasgow School of Art

Michael Stubbs, Reid Corridor Gallery, Glasgow School of Art

Michael Stubbs, Glasgow School of Art Profile

Michael Stubbs, Glasgow School of Art Research

Michael Stubbs, Goldsmiths PhD, ‘Digital Embodiment in Contemporary Abstract Painting’

Instant Loveland (interview with M.Stubbs)

Michael Stubbs, Laurent Delaye Gallery

Michael Stubbs, Laurent Delaye Gallery, This is Tomorrow

Michael Stubbs, Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool Hope University

Michael Stubbs, Sir John Cass School of Art & Architecture Gallery, London Metropolitan University

Michael Stubbs, Rod Barton Invites, Virus Drawings

Michael Stubbs, ArtUK

Michael Stubbs, Government Art Collection

Michael Stubbs, British Council

Tension Fine Art, Ghosts in the Machine

Cross Lane Projects, High on Hope: Gerard Hemsworth Memorial Exhibition

Liverpool Hope University, Signifiance: Painting Beyond Borders

Palfrey Space, Host & Guest/Nick Stewart & Friends

Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang; Tsinghua University, Beijing; Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, Guangzhou, Sharing a View, Contemporary Art from Glasgow 

The Auction Collective

Groucho Club London

Sabine Knust Gallery, Dark Lantern

Palfrey Space, London, Not Dream of Islands

Partners & Mucciaccia Gallery, Superimposition

Centro Brasileiro Britânico, São Paulo, Painting as a Foreign Language

Liverpool Hope University, Destroyed by Shadows

Rod Barton Invites, Hypersurface

Unit 3, ASC Studios, Unnatural Vibers

Koraalberg Gallery, Superstratum

Lounge Gallery, Superscope

Slashseconds, Hypersurface

Loewe Contemporary

Abstract Critical (film: M. Stubbs/D.Rolph)